Sunday, August 9, 2009

Weight Loss Goals

Just added some weight loss goals to the side panel on the right.
So I can consistently keep track of where I am and where I'm headed...

Small goals are attainable, and I've already got one crossed off the list. Yay! For the foreseeable future, I'm most eager to reach the 40 lb goal as that'll get me into a bunch of clothes that haven't fit for a while.

I'm happy with the 2009 goals. Though I think my 2010 goals may be too ambitious, so I reserve the right to adjust those come next year!

15 pounds lost
by surgery date (8/4/09)

25 pounds lost
by end of post-op diet (8/25/09)

40 pounds lost
by bridal shower (9/26/09)

50 pounds lost
by 35th birthday (10/16/09)

60 pounds lost
by wedding! (11/7/09)

75 pounds lost
by New Years 2009

85 pounds lost
by honeymoon (Feb 2010)

100 pounds lost
by TESOL (3/23/10)

110 pounds lost
by June 2010

125 pounds lost
by Aug 2010

I've been using visualization techniques and these small goals are useful for that as I can see myself and how I'll be at each stage of weight loss.

I should put pics of myself at each of those weights over the years as an extra added bonus! Except this time I'll be moving forward...

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