Monday, August 10, 2009

First day back to work

Today, my first day back to work, ended up being a long day. I was as low key as possible, especially on the commute, but I do have a bit of a walk on top of the train ride, and there were some stairs. (They've said to be careful with the stairs.)

Once I actually got to work I felt a bit tired and run down, but I managed. However now, after work, I'm just pooped and definitely cranky and a bit down in the dumps.

The day itself was fine. I was functional, and I didn't worry too much about food. But I was definitely wanting the day to be over!

On the way home, I noticed that the area around the incisions is hot and feels a bit feverish. I'm pretty much just going to crash out after taking the dogs out and having my "dinner" shake.

My boss called later in the day (she's been out of town on vacation) just as I was leaving and was checking in on things, asked about the surgery, then was asking casually whether I came into work the end of last week. I'm sure this didn't help my mood as she specifically told me in advance that I could have the time off as did our director (she had me ask him too since she was going to be out of town). We had agreed on two days of no work for the surgery on Tues and Wed and then Thurs and Fri working from home if I felt up to it. I did remind her that this was the original plan. Anyway, it definitely bothered me that she brought it up, as she can be weird about any of us taking time off -- needless to say I took it as a criticism. I told her previously what the surgery was for, and she casually mentioned that these should be "vacation" days too, but they are definitely going in my file as sick leave days.

I'm sure I'm overreacting, but my non-food-eating brain isn't being entirely rational at this point in the day. I'm definitely stressing out way easier than usual.

So I kind've regret having told her, but on the other hand, our director, her boss, I didn't tell, though he knows I was out for surgery. But it ends up being weird having conversations about the surgery (how am I doing, etc) and leaving this big gap and just not saying what it was for. Mostly, I think it'll just soon be pretty obvious which is why I did tell my boss. I just wasn't comfortable with lying. And when I tried to just be vague, she was full of questions, so when it came down to it, I had to either lie or be truthful, no middle ground. Seems as though there would be complications no matter which option you choose!

Curious how others handled their situations at work.

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