Saturday, August 15, 2009

New hair! (I Cut It All Off!)

On a whim today, I decided to get my hair cut. Here's the before and after...

It's been ages, and it had gotten so long that I almost NEVER wore it down. The one day I did want to wear it down, it was awkward and I hated it. Usually I love my hair when I bother to wear it down...

So I asked for it to be cut below my shoulders. She overdid it a bit, but I do really like it. I'm just concerned that it won't be long enough for this come our wedding date. My hair grows fast though so fingers crossed.

At the end of the day, the hairdresser took off like 7-8 inches! Crazy!

Subtle color change to come too, although based on the color in the photo, you'd think I already did color it! I think the bottom was darker than the top, so now that it's gone, it looks lighter (it's really my gray hair though... ;)


  1. Girl you are beautiful !! what a change !! I'm sure you will be happy with your hair on your wedding day ;-) (you should add roses in your hair -> I added some in mine for our wedding ^--^)

  2. You look gorgeous! I love it (and it does look lighter, a nice caramely color)!

  3. Thanks Nora. I dyed it after this to cover the gray and the caramel went away. I guess that's what I get for doing it myself at home. It's a nice color but i anticipated it being lighter. maybe when the color fades...? i need to just suck it up and pay for the highlights. maybe for the wedding!