Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Before & After Pics, 25 pounds down!

I feel fabulous today. I was so excited when I met my goal this morning, I was dancing around the apartment. It inspired me to pull out an outfit I haven't worn in forever, and I was in a fab mood this morning on the way to work.

Unfortunately, these before and after photos don't quite show how different i *feel* before and after. And when i first looked at them, I didn't really see the difference actually. (Esp after those super flattering headshots from last week!) I of course see how much further I have left to go. I'm probably one of few who would actually like to see my chest significantly decrease in size. ASAP!

In regard to seeing the before and after difference, it's actually hard to photoshop the before and afters sometimes as the perspective is different (matching up similar points, like elbow, chin, etc), but somehow in one pic I'm shorter? It's all the angle the pic was taken from I'm sure.

I am wondering if my upcoming goals are realistic however. I think the next two aren't. So I'm reserving the right to edit them in the near future. Don't want to set myself up for failure!


  1. Congratulations! What an accomplishment, I can see a difference in your face especially.

  2. Congratulations! That is a major accomplishment, no matter what. Just go pick up a 25lb weight as an easy reminder of how much it is. Every pound counts and none of them are easy.

  3. I can see a difference: face, arms, butt, stomach, chest all look smaller. And I'm right there with you about wanting to lose weight in the chest!

    (Also, I think it's perfectly reasonable to adjust future goals.)

  4. Congratulations!!!! I agree with Clarissa - I can see it in a number of places. Notice how the shirt fits you as opposed to the "before shot" - nothing's pushing on the shirt - it just falls straight down. You're doing it and I'm very proud of you.

  5. Thanks everyone for all the positive words and support! i absolutely appreciate it!

  6. You look beautiful Boo... but then again, you always did to me :)

  7. This is just amazing !!! Do you realize that in 20 days you lost 25 pounds ?? WOW Congrats sweetie !! you are beautiful !!
    I've read your post about the girl from your work who asked if you had lap band surgery ! I wondered (if surgeon accept I have the lap band too) if I will tell to my colleagues... it's hard to decide... people are so "rude"... but I know they will ask to same question ! What did you decide ? did you talk about it now or not ??
    Smoooooooooches !

  8. Sandrine, I can't quite claim that quick a success. I'm counting the weight loss from the beginning of the pre-op. So 37 days at this point. I'm happy with the loss so far however! As for telling people, I've just told a handful of people. Wont tell the others / colleagues.

  9. You are looking so great!! And, definitely reserve the right to revisit your projected goals. I have done that myself, and am no less happy with my progress (from 230 to 174 and counting) as a result.

    One thing I like to do to make myself feel better and keep perspective is think about how many pounds I would have GAINED from my start weight if I had not gotten banded. Heck, even staying the same is a huge positive compared with that.

    Keep it up -- you look wonderful and the best is yet to come! :)