Sunday, August 30, 2009

Make me stop!

I've kind've been taking a break since I hit my goal on Tuesday. I had a bunch of plans that involved eating out this week and ended up eating out a whopping five times!

In general, I hadn't really eaten out post band, so that was a new experience. I didn't at all have trouble getting anything down. I've had bread and greens and rice, no problem.

I'm such a foodie that I love eating out, so I was quite thrilled to go and try new things. I'm sure since I hadn't eaten proper food in a while (beyond soft foods) I was making up for lost time!

However, the whole point of the band is that it doesn't let you overdo it, so I found that my eyes were waaayyy bigger than my stomach!

So i filled up easily and did ooookay at dinner. But the trouble came when i kept thinking about my leftovers and as soon as I could get a little more down, I finished the rest!

This happened every time almost, and I just ended up feeling gross!

This definitely can't continue. I'm eating for my old appetite. Going to try and get myself back on track by having some protein shakes again.

My other new rule is that I'll no longer be taking leftovers after a meal!


  1. I'm surprised that you can eat bread and rice. I had the band in february and I can't eat them or pasta. However, I suggest you don't eat them. I've lost 60 days since Feb. 20 and I think a big part of that was the elimination of those carbs.

  2. **60 pounds NOT days**

  3. Thanks Jillian! I was surprised I could eat them too, but perhaps it's not such a great thing, I know! Alhough I'm guessing that may change after my first fill... Congrats on 60 pounds!! I can't wait to be where you are!