Monday, August 17, 2009

Slowly but Surely

So a part of me wants to jump on the scale and see 5 pounds gone all at once; however, it doesn't really work that way when you weigh yourself everyday! ha!

Slowly but surely, the weight is coming off however. I lost another pound this morning. I'm up to 22 pounds lost and now I only have 3 pounds to go until my next major goal (See the right-hand side bar). That's three pounds in 8 days.

Can i do it!?!


  1. Of course you can !! YES YOU CAN !!!!!

  2. Thanks Sandrine! You're so sweet! But now I have an additional challenge. Can I still do it if I go on vacation this weekend? Just a short little trip...hmmm...

  3. You can - just focus on the goal!!! - think of yourself in your beautiful wedding dress!!! - Think of how you will suprise everyone at your shower!!!
    Love you - Mom