Saturday, August 1, 2009

Food is everywhere!

Oy! I consider myself highly suggestible, so it doesn't help that food ads and food references are EVERYWHERE!

Walking the dogs today, there was a Domino's pizza guy in the street shouting about their $4.99 pizza deal (times must be tough if they've taken to the streets for advertising!) But hey, it would've totally worked for me if I weren't on this diet.

And then later pizza came up in conversation.

And now I'm watching an ad on TV for a flaky toaster strudel. Mmm... Then Sonic, which I love, but there aren't any here that I know of.

We just didn't even bother watching one of the shows we like, Cake Boss. For obvious reasons!

Now I can see why NYU doesn't recommend that we watch TV post surgery.

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