Sunday, August 23, 2009

I miss eating!

In contrast to my last post about being only 1 pound away from goal ( i have to keep perspective), I also really miss eating. I don't mean literally eating but eating like I did before.

This morning, we took the dogs for a walk, and I missed going to the bagel shop for a weekend breakfast. Went to the movies yesterday and I just really wanted a diet coke! Not to mention candy and popcorn.

And last night, after a long day, I would've LOVED to have ordered a pizza.

Usually this change is affirming and positive, but on occasion it's just a total bummer!


  1. I so understand you ! even if I haven't been banded yet ! keep courage !!! maybe you'll be able to drink diet coke later ?? a friend of mine who is banded can easily drink diet coke few times.... why can't you drink one ??

  2. Thanks Sandrine! Soda is a no no for whatever reason. Maybe later they'll be more acceptable? It's the gas bubbles.

  3. I miss eating sometimes too. But.. the good thing about where I am right now with the band is I can try to eat anything I want. But usually after a bite or so, my band tells me.. "if you keep eating this, i will put you in pain and make you throw up" .. then it threatens me with that tight, close to PB feeling.. and suddenly, I'm satisfied. lol.

    I've never been a very good rule follower. I'm also drinking a pop right now.. but shhhh. :)