Sunday, August 23, 2009

My clothes don't fit (including a before pic!)

The positive side of my last post is that when I went to get dressed yesterday, two of my favorite tops didn't fit. Despite them being my faves, I am perfectly okay with that! Yay!

One of them is the coral colored shirt in my pic on the upper right-hand column! The other is what Clarissa called my blue milkmaid shirt. :)

Or more accurately, I was "The Milkmaid" when I wore it. Shown above!


  1. hoooooooray !! this is the most pleasant thing !!! clothes that don't fit anymore because they are too large !!! Congrats !

  2. Now, get the Good Will pile started!

  3. I have three piles. Rubbish clothes for the textile recycler at the Grand Army Plaza farmer's market, another to give away and another to sell on ebay! I suppose I should add one more for things I want to have taken in!