Friday, August 14, 2009

My first post-band shopping experience

I was taken aback that it really was different shopping post band. I stocked up on TONS of protein shakes previously, so the couple of other grocery store trips I've made have been in and out to get a specific thing.

However, since I'm on to mushes tomorrow, I decided to make a pilgrimage to Whole Foods knowing they'd have tons of specialty vegetarian foods. Boy did they ever.

I had a mixture of emotions.

At first I surprised myself by not wanting lots of things, but then as I shopped I was part excited by the things I was seeing, but the other part of me was really angry for doing this (lap-band) and was mad that I can't eat so much of what I was seeing.

Everywhere I went there were chips and some of the soft foods I was buying would go SO WELL with tortilla chips! And, Whole Foods sells my favorite tortilla chips, Green Mountain Gringo.

Lots of things made it into my basket, but I had to do my usual little purge at the end as there was no way what I was buying was within my 10lb carrying range.

I had to remind myself there will be plenty of time to buy more stuff. Definitely planning on putting a couple of things I bought in the food processor. For those of you out there also on the mush diet, Amy's has a "veggie loaf" that is very soft (shown third to last here). A few of their frozen foods looked ideal to stick in a food processor.

The biggest find! A vegetarian mousse / terrine. Yay!

Of course being in New York without a car, I don't always get over to Whole Foods without a big shlepp, but I'll make a point to.

My other big question was how much to buy. I don't have a sense of how much I'll be eating per meal yet. However, my goal for myself is 1300 calories. Perhaps higher than we're supposed to have, but with exercise, I think I need that to stay sane.

More to come on how the weekend goes...

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