Saturday, August 1, 2009


Was just rereading through all my lap-band materials. I have two folders one of which I just always carry with me. That's proven to be quite useful given all the prep that has been required.

In rereading through my pre-op diet list, it says I should have 1000 calories per day. That is 5 protein shakes plus I'm allowed the things I've mentioned previously like coffee with skim milk, sugar-free jello, broth and up to two cups of certain vegetables.

The problem is that five Ensure shakes and the other items add up to more than 1000 calories per day. Even if I don't go crazy withe the broth, etc. On some days I've instead done 4 protein shakes per day to stay under 1000 calories.

In any case, I've completely avoided any fats and have certainly lost weight, but perhaps the nutritionist's paperwork needs a wee bit of clarification.

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