Sunday, August 16, 2009

Teensy Tiny Silverware

So one of the tips I've come across a handful of times is to use tiny silverware when eating. I tried it today with the teensy tiny silverware shown here and was surprised how effective it was. It made me feel like I was eating more than I was.

I went smaller than even a typical teaspoon which is recommended. I've included a photo of our regular silverware too so you can see the comparison in size.

I just happened to find them here in NYC at Fish's Eddy.


  1. Hey! I bought those same spoons when we went to Fish's Eddy! I like to eat ice cream with them: it takes longer and feels like you're eating more.

  2. I love Fish's Eddy. Found some straws for the wedding there I'd been looking for everywhere.

    i'll post about those soon on the wedding site. couldnt order them online because they wouldnt let you pick the color! (the manufacturer...)

    We'll definitely have to make another Fish's Eddy trip next time you're in nyc!