Monday, August 10, 2009

How do you take compliments?

Our director at work (who I mentioned in my last post doesn't know about the surgery) commented today that I "look good" post surgery, and I assume he meant the weight loss.

I told him the doctors have me on a liquid diet and that was that. This is at 20 lbs down. As more weight comes off, more and more questions and comments will come up, especially from coworkers I'm sure.

When I lost a bunch of weight the first time, I was so proud of all my hard work that I loved when people commented on it, and a lot of that did come from coworkers since you spend so much time with them everyday, especially in a large-ish company.

However, outside of my circle of friends and family who know, I'm not sure how I'll react when people comment on my weight loss this time. There's this sense of not wanting them to know my secret! And when people do know, there's this notion that you didn't work as hard at it because you had surgery. So far, this is definitely harder than when I lost 100 pounds on my own. More extreme.

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