Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Post-Op Follow Up with Surgeon

So today was my one-week, post-op follow up with my surgeon at NYU. First was the esophagram which was fine and then the appointment with my surgeon.

When I saw the surgeon present at the orientation, and when we talked to her briefly afterward, she seemed fine. She also seemed fine when I had my pre-op appointment with her.

However, I did take note in my pre-op visit when she asked me to remind her later where she was suggesting putting the port (It's different for me since I'll want to get pregnant later).

I guess I assumed I had a file for that kind of info.

I tried to just forget when she asked me immediately before surgery to remind her how she had said she was going to do the surgery (as in the placement of the incisions). I asked her if she was kidding, but she just asked the question again. So no, she wasn't kidding. Again, don't I have a file with that info?!?

So all of that I was able to forget about. However, today, I was definitely put off. I had a few concerns and she just rushed through them and cut me off when I was trying to talk. I thought through it again because I was cranky, but I stand by my position on this. Her bedside manner is LAME. Plus she never seems to remember me. Of course, that's a common thing with doctors.

I was most irritated when she kept poking the incision over my port trying to prove a point about where the port is. First of all, I know that's where the port is. Second of all she could tell me instead of poking around the incision. I asked her three times to stop because it hurt, and she just said I'm trying to show you where the port is.


Anyway, I didn't get much help with the pain I've been having in my stomach. Finally, I got her to suggest Prilosec. Originally, she just said it's impossible that I'm having heartburn.

BUT, the x-rays were fine and I'm doing fine I just have to figure out what's up with all my anxiety!


  1. You look great on your after pic! Nice job. Keep it up!



  2. I was wondering if you could tell me who your dr is - I am scheduled to meet with one at nyu next week.