Sunday, August 30, 2009

Revised goals

Based on my experience getting to my second goal of 25 pounds lost, I realized that my forthcoming goals were just too unrealistic. I made my first two goals, but the second was tough, and that was while I was on the post-op diet.

So going forward I just don't think that 15 pounds in 3 weeks is reasonable. So I've updated and included my new goals both below on in the right hand column.

15 pounds lost
by surgery date (8/4/09)

25 pounds lost
by end of post-op diet (8/25/09)

35 pounds lost
by bridal shower (9/26/09)

40 pounds lost
by 35th birthday (10/16/09)

50 pounds lost
by wedding! (11/7/09)

65 pounds lost
by New Years 2009

75 pounds lost
by honeymoon (Feb 2010)

85 pounds lost
by our big work conference (3/23/10)

100 pounds lost
by June 2010

110 pounds lost (my high school weight!)
by August 2010 (my band birthday)

125 pounds lost
by 10/16/10 (my 36th birthday!)

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