Monday, November 30, 2009

Up two pounds, it's official now

So I knew it was coming, but I was very hesitant to get on the scale this morning. I weighed myself late last week and the scale was up two pounds, but as of Monday morning, that makes it official. I'm actually okay with that and just wondering when the rest of what I ate over Thanksgiving will show itself on the scale!

I definitely won't be achieving my next mini-goal by Dec 1st however. But I very much enjoyed the holiday weekend and all the cooking.


  1. Bugger! But I think 2 pounds will come off fairly easily.. focus grasshopper :)

  2. Bother! Don't you worry about it for a second, just get yourself right back into your healthiest eating plans and you'll take those 2 pounds off in no time. They may be a sodium gain anyway - which would be temporary. The important thing is, you weighed in, got a reality check and are moving back into the right direction.

  3. No worries, think about how much worse it could have been without the band ! those 2 points will be gone soon enough !!