Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Before and After Pics

Since I recently reached another mini-goal, 40 pounds lost, I decided it was time for another set of before and after pics. These were taken yesterday.

I really didn't feel much of a difference between 30 pounds lost and 40 pounds lost, but looking at the photos side by side helped. Here's me at 30 pounds down.

The next set will come when I reach 50 pounds down. Can't wait for that!


  1. Wow! Is all I can say - what a difference. You look younger and funkier and oh so much happier (might have something to do with being newly married and thinner? lol) Whatever it is.. congrats.

  2. OMG what a great change! Love your dress, too, so flattering. I totally see the diff between 30 and 40!

  3. I can see a big difference, your face is so much well as the rest of you! Congrats on reaching another goal!!