Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Oy! Up one more pound today.

Which makes three pounds up since last week. Which is more like what I was expecting!

Fingers crossed the scale doesn't keep moving up!

I read on another band blog (forgive me for not remembering which one) that it can sometimes take 4 fills to really see the difference. I've had two (but am at like 6-something CC's) and while I can tell the difference from before, I can also eat more than expected.

It's definitely time for another fill appointment!


  1. Hi Heather,
    I just wanted to thank you so very much for your help with fixing my goal list...you're awesome! It worked like a charm! I hope your scale sees the light and starts running in the other direction. Shame on it for being so critical of such a nice person. Wouldn't it be great to get everyone on here one day that has reached their goal to have a cermonial burning of the scale and post pictures of the aftermath...lol. Don't worry, you'll be on your way again soon!

  2. I've heard it takes 4+ fills as well but I'm not sure people are getting the same size fills our docs are giving us. My first fill was 4 cc's. I've had four now and am at 6.75 and definitely done for a while. The last .5 cc's made a huge difference for me, so go small if you feel any restriction at all right now! ;-)

  3. It's taken me more than four fills, Heather but then I have a rather conservative doc. I still think (judging from what people go through when hit with big(ger) fills) that slow and steady is the way to go. You know you have jumped up a bit on the scales but they WILL go back down. You are determined :)

  4. Thanks everyone! Slow and steady is the path forward...