Thursday, November 26, 2009

All that work and it's over already!?!

So I've been cooking up a storm since last night. This was my first year cooking Thanksgiving dinner by myself. Alex helped of course too (with his roast and the dishes(yay!)), but normally I'm with family and they do the cooking.

I was really psyched to try some new recipes, and dinner was wonderful. I must admit I was very proud; however, since both Alex and I have the band, after eating for just a few minutes we were both like, whew, we're full! It was a carb heavy meal with potatoes and rolls and stuffing and more, so I'm sure that played a big part. I barely even managed half a roll, but it was good. Mostly I'm fine with bread; it just fills me up.

I'm kind've glad I didn't overdo it. I got to try everything, was super excited about the really fancy potato dish, and was satisfied. The mushrooms weren't great and I burnt the almonds to go with the lemon parm asparagus (again no trouble eating asparagus), so it wasn't perfect. But for a first time, I was very happy. Especially since a couple of dishes were die to for. No overeating which is unusual for Thanksgiving! Of course, pie is still yet to come but I'm taking a break for now.

I'm working on uploading details of the potato dish as well as the pumpkin cheesecake over on my other blog dabble. They should be up shortly for anyone who is interested.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

That's me below with our spread -- or some of it anyway. Too bad so many biscuits will go to waste! Alex declined to be in any of these pictures, so it seems to be just me, me, me!

P.S. That's the table I refinished a couple of months ago. This was also our first holiday with a proper dining room table. Kind've a big deal to me since we've been living in NYC.

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  1. Yum! Look at all that stuff. Quite the cooking storm lol. Bet it tasted as good as it looked too.
    You look sweet in your little pink apron/pinafore too!