Saturday, November 28, 2009

A different perspective

We had this awesome party at work last week.  Our production department decided to have a "dessert hour" and all of their staff made these elaborate baked goods.  I can't say I was very good.  Honestly, I was a little too excited about all of the craft that went into the exquisite desserts they had on display.  

However, someone just sent me this photo from the party (that's me in black with my hand to my face), and it was interesting to see this photo which wasn't at all posed.  I loved seeing it because I look so NORMAL and on the thinner side than usual.  I'm not so much bigger than everyone else around me!

I got lots of compliments that day as I recall, but it's nice to see myself from that objective perspective, not sucking it in or showing my "good side" to the camera.

Of course, since then, the scale has gone up two pounds (at least!!), but that'll work it's way back off.

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