Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My first "sliming" incident -- TMI Post

Wow, so I really couldn't have imagined what sliming even was until I experienced it. I posted the other day that I hadn't gotten stuck or slimed or anything, but last night i was distracted, eating a piece of banana bread and having a diet soda, when my chest tightened up and it was evident that what I had eaten was definitely working its way back up.

Talk about a conversation ender! I was with Alex in the middle of talking and well, all attention went to my tightening chest and a tightening throat eventually.

I was just rubbing my chest, hoping it would pass with a burp or something but instead I gagged some slime into the sink (I warned you this wasTMI!) and then that was that. It was over. So i guess my body successfully lubricated that piece of bread into getting unstuck and it went on its merry old way down to my stomach.

Wow I'm glad that didn't happen in public! I can't imagine being out with people and explaining what on earth was going on.

So...chew chew chew and eat slower!


  1. Yuck - but good it happened at home!

    So you can drink diet soda with no problem? I have not attempted it. My surgeon said something about the carbonation being bad for the pouch or something. I am better off without it, but sometimes it is the only choice!

  2. Darl,
    I would seriously give the carbonated drinks a miss. The one thing we have been told is fizzy drinks are a big no-no (it's supposed to stretch that pouch like nothing else.) The sliming is disconcerting for sure but at least you passed the bread through (or up probably).