Thursday, November 12, 2009

NSV - I'm crossing my legs

So this is one of those things only big girls will get. I've been shocked at work lately as I find myself crossing my legs in mtgs! And they actually cross. Not as good as they can or will, but I'm doing it!

That's a great confidence booster.


  1. Isnt that the coolest thing.. I do it ALL the time too now, and without thinking!!

  2. I like that - things you don't even think of!

  3. HI there- new to your blog and wanted to say hello for the first time.


    I am now able to cross my legs too and I feel like a real lady when I do. It's very exciting :-)

  4. Crossing my legs was huge for me, too! I didn't realize how much I missed it until I could do it again. It is great to cross my legs without having to grab my pant cuff and pull my ankle over! Congratulations on your progress and your new marriage!

  5. Isn't it so exciting!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!

  6. Amazing, isn't it? I am now more comfortable crossing my legs than sitting regular. I almost lost my mind the first time that I noticed that!