Friday, November 13, 2009

Big Travel Plans - We're going to Peru!

I must admit post-wedding that I just feel utterly happy most of the time these days! I feel motivated in general, creative, inspired, and wanting to do more and bigger things.

We've been keeping an eye out for honeymoon packages (since our Honeymoon has been postponed until the Spring), and when looking around, I found a steal of a deal for plane tickets to Peru for only $250/pp INCLUDING international taxes! That's just crazy because it costs more than that to go for a visit home to Texas!

I mentioned it to Alex in passing before the wedding, but when we got back he kept talking about it (his Dad's family is from there) and finally he talked me into it. Shockingly, he talked ME into it. Normally, it'd be the other way around. This is for a trip in addition to our honeymoon.

And we actually bought our tickets! We're going the week of Memorial Day weekend. That price was even good for holiday weekend travel, directly from a reputable South American airline. Crazy crazy crazy...

Plus once we get there things will be super inexpensive and the hotels we're seeing are highly rated but really great deals!

It was rather a spur of the moment decision, but I'm so psyched about it. We went out tonight and bought a travel book. I'm going to have fun planning this. Plus it's a great exercise motivation since Machu Picchu is at such a high altitude, we're going to need to be in great physical shape to handle hiking that high up!

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  1. Nice - lucky you! It's all happening for you lol