Tuesday, November 17, 2009

BTW I had a total clothes meltdown this morning

I had such a busy day I almost forgot about my little "fit" this morning. I had a really important, high-profile, all-day meeting at work and needed to be looking really sharp.

So I went to my closet, and it just wasn't coming together. My staples don't fit and don't look as sharp as I expected now that I've been putting more energy into what I wear and how I look.

I pulled out a pair of size 18 pants I haven't been able to wear and yay, they fit, but unfortunately, I realized the tapered leg was just no longer working for me. Especially not with my pointy toe boots and a too square shouldered jacket. I was looking very 90s, and Alex was cracking up!

And my standard suit jacket and shell just hung on me, way too loose!

Anyway, three outfits later, I threw on a mostly black outfit with a fancy scarf and totally had to hoof it to get to the actual meeting on time! How ridiculous would it be for me to be so caught up in looking good that I show up late!? That'd make a great impression!

But I wasn't late, I was 5 minutes early, and looked pretty sharp. I just had to sweat my commute a bit. I think now that I have this new higher profile job, I'm going to need to get a few new pieces of work clothing and prevent this going forward! Especially pants! None of my pants fit!

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