Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This is the number in my weight loss where I always stray

So if I look at my history over the last 6 years, the weight I'm at now is always where I go off plan and gain it all back. And given that I haven't lost any real weight in the last 5 weeks, I'd say that's where I am now. The good part however, is that I seem to not be able to gain it back even though I've essentially been trying (not actually, but who knows, subconsciously). So that to me is another accomplishment. That this plateau won't be my downfall. And that unlike all the other times, I'm not gaining back at this weight. I just hit a wall and am working my way through it...


  1. Isn't it great to know that this time history won't repeat itself?!?!? You are doing great and you will push through this!

  2. You know, I do the very same thing. As soon as I make some good progress, I seem to just take it for granted and think to myself, ok - now I can eat like a 'normal weight' person. You need to think of the thing that motivated you in the first place, whatever that thing was, and re-energize and re-motivate yourself. What if you start with a 2 lb goal by next week? sometimes the success you feel from that little goal - starts the momentum again. Do whatever it takes just to get to that 2 lb goal.
    I recently got on facebook - I personally don't go on it much - and seeing people there I'd not seen in a long time, seeing pictures of myself, and thinking about how I WANT to look/feel by the time I see some of those people again helped to re-energize me. Hope that helps!

  3. I know you will break through this plateau! My doctor told me that your body remembers certain weights that we have been stuck at in the past and as you loose weight and you hit these you get stuck on the way back down. I had a problem with this and got stuck at 275 for awhile.