Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I can't stop looking at our wedding photos!

I'm completely obsessed! Our wedding photographer sent us a sneak peak of them, and I LOVE them! They are exactly what I imagined. She captured how fun it was and all the great details.

I'm a bit chubbier in the photos than I would have preferred, but I can live with it and still want to share the pics with everyone.

I might not have said that 35 pounds ago before the band!

Check out our wedding blog for lots more pics!

For anyone in Houston, the photographer was a steal of a deal. I can't recommend her highly enough. My sister also used her for family photos, and they were just so, so good! Her info is included on the page linked above.


  1. Beautiful pics :-)

  2. Just lovely - she's a great photographer - but then she had great subjects :)