Saturday, November 14, 2009

What do you eat at the movie theater?

So one challenge for me post band is going to the movies. I just LOVE getting a big 'ol soda and popcorn and chocolate. For those of you who are banded, do you do without at the movies? Do you substitute?

I definitely avoid the super-sized portions and I try to avoid the popcorn (though it goes down just fine), but I'm always so tempted that I give in and have something. Last night I shared a small Diet Coke and had some Raisinettes. But it was a complete mental exercise because I was not hungry. I was at the movies and just really wanted to have something.

Perhaps next time, I'll skip dinner or have a smaller dinner and bring in my own tiny bag of candy to *share.* I just love going for dinner after work Fridays and seeing a movie.

Dinner on the otherhand I was happy with. Vietnamese. Steamed veggies and lightly stir-fried tofu and I left a mostly full plate.

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