Thursday, November 19, 2009

Boobs Ahoy!

So I sucked all my business into some spanx today that have always been WAY too small - the leggings-looking kind. At that point, I happily fit into my new sharp-looking Ralph Lauren pants that have been in my closet for a couple of years waiting to be worn. (I could've sworn they were an 18, but unfortunately only a 20).

I put on some high-heel boots and was feeling sharp. All day I was getting compliments, so I had a friend at work snap a pic of me to post here.

The first pic above I like. However, this second pic below shocked me!

Talk about boobs ahoy. All boobs all the time! I can't believe they look like that! I'm going to be on a mission soon to buy minimizer bras. And certainly another visit to Intimacy, the bra store, is in store.

Beyond the fact that I'm normally bigger on top anyway, when I lose weight, I lose it on the bottom faster, much faster. Then when I suck it all in on the bottom with a spanx, that reaallly shows how off-proportion I am! So now I need spanx on top too!

I actually tried a slimmer tank on top and looked like a smashed sausage. So instead, a minimizer bra will have to do!


  1. haha as you know I have that problem too... when I took my 20 kilos down pics (quite a few posts ago) I was also shocked to see how big mine were.. positive they're not that big in real life (I guess it's just wishful thinking..cos they are.. sigh)
    You look lovely! No wonder you got compliments. Boobs and all!

  2. You look lovely! I have had luck with finding a good minimizer on sale at Filene's. Also, there is an amazing store in the LES called the Corset Shop. They don't have open stock, just floor to ceiling shelves of boxes. They look at you and bring you exactly what you need. Run by a Hasidic Jewish family, so closed early on Friday and on Saturday, all day. But great brands and crazy discounts and the ladies make sure you are fitted well!

  3. I have to admit every time i see a photo of me that's the first thing i see! Must look into minimizers as well :)

  4. Hey--it's OK to have boobs! ("Some girls are bigger than others," as the Smiths say--no worries.) You're looking great! And besides, you're going to be losing weight in ALL places sooner or later. Thanks for the link to the bra site--I'm always on the lookout for a good bra store! (And I appreciate a good minimizer myself on t-shirt days.) You should take a look at the British site Bravissimo, too--they have swimsuits, undergarments, and clothing for the "well endowed."

  5. Thanks so much for these great suggestions for bra places. Also, I'm amazed at the prices from the Corset Shop online. I'm going to have to do a post on that and the UK one, Bravissimo.