Friday, November 27, 2009

New You Tattoos

Mom will freak at this, but Alex and I have a notion of getting tattoos to represent our weight loss through this process. Mine would be a collection of small tattoos, one for every mini goal met. Originally, I was thinking small colorful stars, but after seeing this collection of birds, I may just change my mind about that.

I'm completely smitten, though I'd never do them on my wrist. Somewhere that I could hide them if I wanted or alternately, show them off when I felt like it. I still don't know where that would be.

I suggested stars on the top of my foot, but Alex seemed to think that would make me look like a heroin addict trying to cover my injection site. ew...

Has anyone else heard of other people marking their weight loss in a similar way?

1 comment:

  1. I think Lizzie - Mine & Betty's LapBaNd JoUrNey! - got a tattoo as a way of marking weight loss - but it was just the one and a bit bigger than the ones you are looking at. Great idea if you're into it. And Alex's remark was funny (and yet probably true lol)