Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Revised weight loss goals

So after falling off the wagon a bit with all the stress and wedding planning, I've just revised my weight loss goals as part of my refocusing effort. And I'm trying to stay realistic!

40 pounds lost
by Thanksgiving (11/26/09)

50 pounds lost
by Christmas (12/25/09)

60 pounds lost
by our New York wedding party (1/23/10)

65 pounds lost
by Valentine's Day 2010

75 pounds lost (ONE-DERLAND!)
by our big work conference (3/23/10)

80 pounds lost
by our Honeymoon (April 2010)

100 pounds lost!!! My most important goal...
by our Summer Sales Meeting July 2010

110 pounds lost (my high school weight!)
by August 2010 (my band birthday)

125 pounds lost
by 10/16/10 (my 36th birthday!)


  1. sounds like a good plan to me, you will get there!!

  2. what's this about a "New York Wedding Party"?