Wednesday, January 20, 2010

We got our new apartment!

So we got official news today that we got the apartment in Austin we've been drooling over! We toured apartments downtown when we were there over Christmas and have had our hearts set on this specific place ever since.

This is the model unit from their website, but our apartment will be similar, minus the furniture of course. They are all super modern with stained concrete floors (great for two rambunctious little doggies), floor to ceiling windows overlooking downtown, a balcony, modern kitchen and bath, washer and dryer, and prime downtown real estate a block from the lake to walk the dogs and right by all the shops, bars, and restaurants so we don't have to give up too much of our NYC walking lifestyle if we don't choose to. (whew! THAT was a run on!)

There's even a place nearby called Jo's that has tons of veggie stuff including veggie hot dogs with veggie chili. (For some reason this *really* appeals to me.) AND a Whole Foods about a 15 min walk. (Or a super short drive). Plus the farmer's market around the block.

Being in a place where we can afford all of this was one of the major reasons we decided to move back to Austin. We've never been able to swing anything quite so decent in New York. And now, we're just frustrated with our old brownstone apartment with everything falling apart.

So we're going to give this new lifestyle a try and see how we feel. That last photo is the apartment pool. Since I'll be working from home, I'm thinking maybe I'll spend some days telecommuting poolside!


  1. Wow, that apartment really looks fantastic! And the pool area to work from isn't so bad either!!

    Congratulations on getting the apartment that you wanted! And close to a park & all the places you can walk to. Sounds like Paradise!

  2. OHHHHH wow wow wow! That is just spectacular. You deserve all the happiness in the world and what an apartment. Awesome!!

  3. OMG that looks amazing!!!!! Congrats

  4. Congrats! Looks lovely. I can't wait to visit you there!

  5. Gorgeous new home Heather!! When do you leave? Let's make sure and do a bandster brunch before you do!

  6. The new place looks awesome! So happy for you! By the way I got your messages, I am so glad the clothes worked out for you!!! Hopefully I will feel good enough about things to ditch my 16's for good soon!