Monday, January 18, 2010

Today's a day off

I'm lucky to get today as a holiday for Martin Luther King Jr's birthday. Despite it being a "day off" I'm happy to say I'm not using it as an excuse to eat. Usually, I'd be all "I'll start my "diet" tomorrow."

But after my little revelation early this week that I'd just gone overboard and was kind of over it, I've been eating okay. I did have some cookies last night but that was the worst of it.

I had promised myself I'd go shopping for healthy food, clean up the kitchen (so I felt more like cooking), and not order out. Which I did! I've also been good about more protein, less carbs. (The haircut hasn't happened though).

I did get an egg sandwich when we were out and about yesterday, but I'm okay with that. I needed to eat something and it was an okay option. Protein first!

Made myself some awesome butternut squash soup last night for dinner and added in some veg with just a little rice and some soy protein on the side.

More eggs for breakfast this morning and I'm psyched to make the vegetarian chili i have planned for later today.

The packing today hasn't really been happening though. Just five more weekends to get it all done. I feel like that's pretty manageable.

As for today, it's noon and all I've managed to do is sleep sleep sleep and read up on all the blog posts I've been missing lately. Which is always great for weight loss motivation.

As for getting myself going, perhaps a shower will help! :)

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  1. Keep eating the protein are doing great