Monday, January 18, 2010

Grocery shopping with a car

For those of you in NYC, you know that grocery shopping here just isn't quite the same as in other cities in the US. My buying patterns changed drastically when I moved here. I tend to pick stuff up as I go, at the corner bodega, and make more convenience-oriented decisions.

This often leads to not having food at home and then, consequently, ordering out.

My buying habits also have to do with how many groceries I can carry home in a trip. And since we moved to our most recent neighborhood in Sunset Park in Brooklyn, our selection at the neighborhood stores is even smaller and less veggie-friendly than before.

When I make an effort, I certainly can schlepp all my groceries a mile back and forth from the really nice grocery store, or make special trips to Whole Foods as I do on occasion. But that takes advance planning, so when I'm busy, it tends to fall by the wayside, and instead I shop at our tiny corner market and then of course, at the bodega!

One of my favorite apartments was the place I had in Boston in grad school where Whole Foods was my local grocery store, just a block over! Then my convenience food was their salad bar. That's also during the time that I lost 100 pounds!

This weekend, in my quest to have healthier food in the house, we decided to go on a Texas-style grocery shopping mission. No more grandma cart for us, we took the CAR! And even found a really nice grocery store with a parking lot and everything.

I tell ya, it's still such a NOVELTY to be able to do these things I took for granted when I owned a car before.

What a nice store, wide aisles, TONS of vegetarian stuff, and a huge fresh produce selection. Yay!

We will be eating well this week. And by that I mean healthy!


  1. So jealous of the car! Whenever I rent one for work I try to head out to Target or something on Long Island to buy big things like 18-pack paper towels and toilet paper! It's so interesting to me since I've begun shopping at Whole Foods but in NYC I find it the cheaper alternative. My neighborhood store is Gristedies. SO EXPENSIVE! Amazes me that Whole foods is cheaper. I love it there!!

  2. Have never lived in an urban environment and very poor public transportation in my city. Too spread out to walk everywhere and if we had to depend on a bus or cabs to get us places, we'd never go anywhere. I've had a car since I was 16 and would probably go through some kind of "security blanket" withdrawl if I got rid of mine although I've often dreamed of living in a city where I buzz about on public transportation. My Dad lived in Chicago for years and we thought catching the EL was such an adventure when we'd go visit. Seems like it would be so much healthier, walking places but I know when I lived in an upstairs apartment I grocery shopped according to the size and weight of the cans I would have to carry up those stairs. Really fun reading about other people's lifestyles and challenges.

  3. I suppose it is something I take for granted, I go once a week and fill up my SUV at the grocery. Earthfare, Fresh Market and Publix are my stores..alas we dont' have a Whole Foods yet, even though I keep emailing them! Good for you buying healthier foods!

  4. I know !!! We have the luxury and curse of having a car in the city ( think big garage fees!!) so when I do drive to work in Jersey I tend to do the groceries out there because grocery shopping here in the city is just crazy & expensive !!
    If any of the NYC bandster girls wanna take a grocery trip sometime just let me know

  5. I agree with Nessa. I too have lived all my life in a Suburban environment where everything is too far apart to be able to walk to. And our public transportation sucks big time!

    If you don't have a car, you are in big doo doo. I grew up riding dirt bikes & driving off road vehicles from an early age, so not being able to drive would be a real big change for me!! We complain just having to carry all the bags of groceries from the car into the house!