Thursday, January 14, 2010

This is ALWAYS where I get stuck, btw

A little addition to my last post, if I think back over the years, my current weight is ALWAYS where i get stuck and where i self sabotage.

I thought when I went like 1 pound under that magic number that I had somehow cured myself of that, but now I can clearly see how many months later that is so not the case.

I'm finding my goal right now is just not to gain. But with what I'm eating that might not be how things play out.

C'mon Heather! Get it together!

(my new nickname, get it together heather!) Or a new blog name! ha!

Not sure how many of you know this but I actually have 5 blogs (one for calorie counting that is private), so I'm always looking for a new blog name! In fact, my new food blog is *pretty much* a sign of my food mindset right now. Very much NOT a diet blog, more like a foodie blog so be warned. YUM!

Uh oh, I just got "hungry!"


  1. Maybe Food Porn? lmao kidding.. not sure what to call a new food blog. Will keep an open mind for some ideas though. x

  2. Okay, your food blog is TOTALLY food porn! OMG I can't look at that stuff and not be hungry! Especially the Monkey Bread - my grandmother used to make that all the time and it is majorly drool-worthy.