Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Sales Meeting is Finally Over

Twice a year I get heavily involved in our Winter and Summer sales meetings.

The last two were via the web with a small group of people traveling in. The web adds a whole other set of complications and communication issues.

I take it as a compliment that they've always wanted me to present so much, but it does mean the weeks before are always very stressful. Even when I work lots of overtime in advance, it never seems to be enough to avoid long hours during the week of the meeting.

In fact, it's a tradition for me to end up in the office after midnight one or more nights the week of. I pretty much ALWAYS have to go back to the office after our sales dinners which just sucks.

This year was a change too because of my new job. The presentations I did were more product oriented, meaning I had to do more research to become the "expert." This year I had 3 presentations and two workshops that I was in charge of.

I certainly feel like I've grown a lot professionally over these last few months. I was bored in my last job, so while it was a painful change in some ways (creatively), I am more challenged and am back in the swing of things and back to my old ways in regard to being very career driven.

I had a migraine for the tail end of the meeting however, so between that and working late/not sleeping and being stressed in general, I of course had my normal instinct to EATTT!!! Which I did.

I couldn't do too much damage at our sales dinner or at any of the meals, but the snacks and sweets completely did me in. Cookies seem to be a real weakness lately. And sweets in general.

Just reinforcing the fact that the band works (can't eat too much at meals) but you can cheat it (snack, snack, snack).

I'm looking forward now. I have a few calmer weeks I hope before the move.

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  1. If they could find a way of getting that band in without letting the slider food go down so easy: there would be mass signings I think.

    That sounds like a tough week. Time to kick back and relax a bit - hope you manage too. Ouch on having a migraine while working too. Awful. x