Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Oops! Missed an NYU appointment

I just called about availability at NYU, and it turns out that I had an appointment Jan 13th at NYU that I somehow completely forgot about!

That's lame of me. I'm so flaky sometimes! These days with doctors if I dont walk out with a little card with my time, then I don't remember. I guess that has to do with putting all my appointments on my work calendar which i can't access out of work.

However, since we're moving, I thought it'd be good to see Dr. K before we leave (rather than Gaspar). Whether I get a fill or not. And surprisingly, she can see me early Feb.

Though I have to say Gaspar is just SO MUCH BETTER at doing fills. It didn't hurt last time!
But i need to see Dr. K because I want to ask her about getting pregnant and whether she has recommendations for doctors in Austin.

It'll be interesting to see whether i get a little lecture about my 5 pound weight gain. Fingers crossed I'll have taken off some of the weight and then some by the time the appointment comes around (Feb 10th).

AND that'll be just after my 6 month bandiversary. I really expected to have lost more than 50 pounds by this point. However, at this point I'm at 34 pounds down, just more than 25% of the way to goal.

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