Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Anyone out there have posh NYC restaurant recommendations?

My boss just sent me this fab list of the NYC's most stunning restaurants, and I'm happy to say I've been to a few of them. Spice Market was particularly gorgeous!

One perk of my current job has been that it's enabled me to eat at some of NYC's finest restaurants -- given that my boss is a total foodie, we do posh things for sales meetings and we used to have vendors take us out for really incredible lunches.

Sometimes posh=small servings, so it doesn't even mean I have to totally over do it.

Sooo...I think I need one more fancy restaurant outing in NYC before we move to Austin.

Any of you guys have recommendations? I know Colleen recently went to Asiate and loved it. So that's on my list. Any other suggestions?


  1. Daniel, of course!

    Also, Aquagrill - kinda near your office - is my favorite expensive but not crazy place. Oh, if you don't eat fish, that might not be as amazing...

    Madison Park and Per Se both do veggie tasting menus.

    Dirt Candy in the EV is a foodie veggie restaurant. No fear of butter and cream, although they will do vegan on request. I have more...just ask!

  2. I don't know about how posh this is, but one of the restaurants my DH and I love in NYC is Perilla-- on Great Jones, I think.
    A definite foodie place-- the chef is Harold Dieterle, the first winner of Bravo's Top Chef. Love that place!!

  3. Wow, thanks for the shout out! I love Esca, it is one of my favs and of course as Yana said Daniel is a must. I also enjoyed Bar Boulud, I wasn't that impressed with Scarpetta, not sure why but I know they get wonderful reviews. I also love Lanmarc, they have half bottles of some really amazing wines. Del Posto was fantastic as well - wow, I could go on forever! <3

  4. Oh, Dovetail - I haven't been yet, but I really want to go. That's it, I promise - I am done! <3

  5. Colleen, please go on and on, I enjoy hearing people's restaurant recommendations! Ok, lots of good ideas there. Landmarc I've been to but otherwise they are all new to me. And will have to look up Perilla too. BTW, what is DH? I know husband basically but i can't figure out the acronym. I'm sure i'll be like, OOOH, of course! once I find out!!

    Thanks everyone!

  6. I think it means "Dear Husband"? Not sure though!

  7. Del posto-- great service and a very large restaurant, good for a b-function...enjoy.

  8. Next week is restaurant week, so maybe you can try a place on the cheap. Though I know you don't get the best of the menu during restaurant week, I have a reservation at One if By Land next Wednesday. I've always wanted to go and figure this is probably the only chance I'll get!

  9. Oh, we went to Daniel the night we got engaged! Loved it. Total over-the-top New York experience. I also love (but it's not posh, more trendy) db Bistro. GREAT food.

    Even though French really isn't my favorite, there are so few places where you can get an old-school French menu and experience, I'd lean toward Daniel. I've been to Le Bernardin, and it tops the lists every year but I didn't looooove it.

    Of course, I'd love to try Per Se or Del Posto too. Hmm. You sure you're going to do just one?

    French might be tricky on a veggie diet, but you could always call and ask. There are lots of veggies in New York, so I'm sure they've got an app for that. ;)