Sunday, January 3, 2010


Uh oh! Made Alex and I an omelet and pancakes this morning. Couldn't get it all down, but what surprised me was that the pancake wasn't at all the issue. It was the eggs. I think they were a bit dry so I gave up on them.

Was feeling fine but after about 4 hours felt a pressure in my chest. Weird that it took that long. Came time to eat again but I just wasn't hungry. Was thinking I was most likely stuck, but taking a sip of water definitely confirmed that! I felt a strong pain/pressure in my chest which radiated to my cheek weirdly enough. It was pretty strong pain, and then that water just rushed back up. But with enough warning for me to get to the bathroom. Needless to say, I vomited. First time. Just water.

I don't feel like I did any damage because it was mostly like all that water just came back up, projectile granted. Rather than there being much heaving involved. Sorry, TMI!

I can sip water now, but I'm not entirely sure whatever it is is gone. I'm not in any pain though and I don't feel any pressure. Definitely nervous about having anything for dinner. Guess I'll just have to see how it goes...


  1. Wow, that sounds horrible! Just goes to show you that the band is the one in control!! You never know when it will strike. Now I just have to remember that when it happens to me!

  2. Yow.. getting stuck is no fun. Thank goodness it's gone though - I couldn't imagine living with a stuck feeling for more than a few minutes.