Monday, January 25, 2010

Easier or harder with a spouse?

When I told people Alex and I were getting banded together (a month apart), we all thought it would make the whole process so much easier.

In some ways it did. I loved having someone else to go to the meetings with and the doctors appointments and someone to share the band experience with. Someone to advise and someone who gets it!

Alex is all that and mostly it's been really great doing this with someone else.

However, the challenge is that in doing this together, we do all of it together.

So when I'm doing poorly, I'm a bad influence on Alex. And when Alex is doing poorly, then he's a bad influence on me. Like today's cookie incident. I was being so good, then he gave me cookies!

However, I am just as often the bad influence. Like this past weekend when I was so stressed and wanting to completely veg (and pig) out! I ordered take out and had lots of bad food around when Alex was wanting to be good.

There are times when we're both good together, but mostly each of us has our ups and downs and the other has to figure out how to work that out.

I'm especially curious to hear from anyone else out there with a spouse or partner who has also had WLS?

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  1. I can definitely chime in, but am getting crazy tired...will try to remember to come back to this - remind me if I forger, please!