Monday, January 25, 2010

If it isn't really all about a cookie, then what is it that i really want?!?

Thank you all so much for your feedback on my last post about working the band or getting a fill.

I've decided to take a small step forward and cut carbs. Being a vegetarian, giving up carbs can be hard because many of my meals are carb based.

Since I am still in an "eeeaaaatttt" mentality, I decided to start small. Although no carbs is kind of huge for me, it's just one thing.

I've told myself I can have whatever I want within reason, just no typical carbs (bread, chips, rice, pasta, donuts (ha!), cooookiesss and cakes.) I have not yet outlawed sweets.

It's cold and rainy out this morning, so I grabbed a mocha decaf coffee and had some soy sausages. I'm not hungry but I'm snacky. It's just mental. So I decided to feed the urge with some nuts and skim milk.

And then I was just sitting here at my desk at work thinking of carbs and snacking and craving. But i am in no way hungry. My stomach does not want food. I in no way need a carb or a cookie this morning, I've eaten plenty. So if it isn't really all about that cookie, then what is it I really need to resolve? Because on the surface all I feel is a wee bit bored and a wee bit tired. But i slept plenty.


  1. I have really been struggling lately. I don't have any restriction and am having a fill tomorrow so that is part of it. But, I know the biggest part is that I am eating when I am not hungry. It is strange, sometimes I know I am doing it but the pull is just so strong. I want to get a feeling from eating that I just can't seem to find. It is frustrating. Keep up the good fight. The difference for me with my band is that I keep getting back up and trying again, in the end, this is what will make us a success!

  2. So great that you're thinking about how you can shake things up a bit. I imagine that it's much more difficult as a vegetarian. One thing I've been told (by NYU) is to drink water when I'm hungry. Sometimes it will let you know whether it's your head or true hunger. Maybe try to up your water tremendously and see if this helps. Also, not sure if you're a gum chewer, but I find this helps me. Some people don't condone it because if you swallow it, not good for the band, but it works for me. I've never been a gum swallower. ;-) Good Luck!

  3. I agree with Jenny. Water, water and more water. It's great for filling you up, distracting you from that snack you might be thinking about and it really helps with weight loss too. You will get past this, Heather. It's just a blip. Hang in there, darl.