Sunday, January 24, 2010

Get a fill or work the band?

I often recall my general practitioner telling me pre-band to be careful, because "you can eat right through that thing." He was extremely supportive of the surgery, just giving me some advice.

And I'm finding that to be very true.

I'm on the fence about needing a fill because I have some restriction. I get full. I'm guessing that if I did the 4-hour protein test that Jen posted about, that I'd pass. Problem is I'm not eating protein first, eating lots of carbs and sugar, drinking with meals, and I'm snacking even when I'm not hungry. Basically emotional eating rather than anything else.

I do get stuck more often these days and I get full, so I don't feel like I "need" a fill. I'm at like 7.1cc's out of 10. I guess I'm just thinking about it to help with the eating.

What do you guys think? I will try the protein test by the way.


  1. Maybe trying to get back to band basics for a week. Eat protein before carbs etc. like you mention above. Then based on whether or not you're hungry after the week I would make a decision on whether or not to get a fill. I met someone today who warned me about getting overfilled because she had at one point and ended up having to take 3 cc's out. After hearing that from her, I definitely decided I don't want to ever get overfilled. Hope that helps!

  2. A fill may not solve the issues - you might find you just go even further into the snacking mentality.

    Good luck :-)

  3. Going back to where it all began is always a great idea. Gives you an idea where you are at and re-enforces those good habits again. Give it a try and see how you go.

  4. Yeah, I would say if 4 ounces of solid protein holds you, then you do not need a fill. Bc what will happen is, if you DO get a fill, you will be even tighter, less likely to eat the protein and will snack around the band even more. I do this from time to time...just eat like crap. But it sounds like you know what you are doing wrong and you just need to pull yourself up and get back on track. Pick two rules to follow. Most important is protein first!

  5. I agree with the back to basics approach. I know when I have gotten off-track I have had to pull out the guide from my surgeon and remind myself what I am supposed to be doing!

    Snacking will undo the whole thing - especially carb snacking. My surgeon recommends a max of one protein snack per day. So I have a lineup of things 100-150 cals that I can have for a snack: string cheese, yogurt, protein bar, protein shake, etc. And I try to avoid the other stuff at all costs.

    I am at 7 ccs and feel like I need more to get back to my sweet spot - but just a tiny bit. See where you are once you try the protein test and the back to basics test.