Friday, January 8, 2010

Are we all struggling with restriction and weight loss?

I figured come New Year, I'd totally be back on the wagon. I'm doing well with positive change, doing great with my budget, and am back in the swing of things despite having been so disillusioned right before Christmas.

However, the thing that definitely hasn't fallen into place is weight loss / diet / healthy eating. I've got work and money working but am just eating all piggy.

Went to see the new Sherlock Holmes tonight. Can you guess whether I had popcorn, candy or soda? (Hint, hint, it's a trick question! ;)


  1. Well if you are anything like me I'll go with all three LOL

    you have a lot on your plate with moving etc - once your settled I'm sure your eating will settle to

    well I am a stress eater anyway

  2. I hear you ... I am the same - esp today: Miss Piggy has reared her ugly head. Ack - its harder than it looks sometimes huh. I hope it turns soon for you. x

  3. Oh, rats. Well-- it takes time to overcome a lifetime of eating habits. Be gentle with yourself and do your best to follow your band rules as much as possible and I am sure things will fall back into place!!!

  4. The aftermath of the holidays can take some time to clean up. What about focussing on your exercise. It always makes me feel better and thus more motivated to make other things in my life better.