Monday, January 25, 2010

Gotta be honest here

I was just emailing with another bandster and thought I'd get some blog feedback as well.

When I signed up for this, I thought the actual being banded part would be harder. That I'd have more trouble with the band and that in general my day to day eating would be more of a challenge. What I can eat and how much and with other people knowing.

But with the exception of getting full a little sooner, I feel the same. Good and bad.

I expected this whole weight loss thing to just "click" into place rather than it being the same hard work as before. Sometimes (not always), it feels like nothing in my head has changed, so I don't understand why some people are able to lose it if they had the same eating issues pre-surgery as I did.

I guess, bottom line, if it's still all about hard work and "dieting" or "permanently healthy eating," then I find myself wondering, how is this different than without the band where i just had to use willpower. i guess the answer is that it takes less will power now?

I've read people talking about how its hard to get the calories in and I dont understand that. Mentally, I'm still that girl who wants to eat. How did other people get that to change?

I am still going to move forward and work the band. This isn't me bailing at all. It's just that the issue came up when thinking about this and why I haven't been as successful as I could be, so I have to just put it out there.

I'm going to work my tips and techniques, but mentally, how do I change my mindset?


  1. It is hard to compare yourself to others because you don't really know what is going on with their diets - they may still be in that 'diet' mentality.

    I for one still love my food and snacks so the only change is getting full quicker (because I could eat A LOT before).

    I am eating a lot of crap at the moment and thankfully my pregnancy metabolism doesn't seem to mind - but after the baby comes out if I continued eating this way I would definately put weight on. So I will definately how to exercise portion control.

    Instead of doing the no carbs thing have you tried sticking to the 1 cup of food 3 times a day with one snack. Then you won't feel like you are depriving yourself of anything. If you eat like that (well that is what my surgeon has told me to do) then the calories aren't an issue unless you choose crap for every meal (you know what I mean).

  2. Therapy is helping my mindset alot. Also, maybe you need a fill. I've been slow on those, and come to find out, I don't think I was using my tool as effectively as I probably should have been. My mindset is similar as before, some days are fine, others I have to rely on the band to help me make... less bad? decisions.

  3. When I had my band I had the same issues. I too thought it would just click but found myself dieting like before. That is when I came to terms with the idea I needed malabsorption. Also, I didn't fully realize that the only difference between having the band and going it alone was that the band at least limited the amount of food I could eat. The bad part was that it didn't limit what type of food I could eat. Best of luck and know you're not alone in your thinking.

  4. I understand how you feel. having the band is different than I thought also. i thought I would eat 1/2 cup of food and automatically I would have to stop because no more food would fit in. I know now it doesnt work that way. I think you need another fill. I have found out the hard way that no matter how tight you are snacks and bad things go through the band so that is where the willpwer comes from,. I know you are struggling now but it will get easier. Keep on trying, you will get there.