Saturday, January 16, 2010

Time to make some changes

I've been so busy making all these big changes in my life that I've been losing sight of the band and my diet. Getting married, work, and now this move have all gotten in the way. I need to take a few actions to trigger some sort of change.

Alex went out tonight and I decided to order a pizza while I pack and watch tv. And surprise, surprise, I ate too much of it. And now I feel gross and was thinking why am I just eating to eat. Thinking about food constantly but not hungry so eating just isn't as satisfying.

I'm thinking I need to do the following to change my attitude tomorrow:

* No more fast food / delivery!!
* Clean out the fridge, cupboard, and the entire kitchen so I want to cook!
* Stock up on healthy stuff to eat!
* Get moving, get walking to feel more energetic
* Less carbs, more energy! Protein first!

* Get a haircut for an attitude boost, so I don't feel so schlumpy


  1. Congratulations on the new car!! Aren't new cars fantastic?

  2. Excellent list of 'things to do' to get you back underway. I totally see you doing all this too, you are a determined lady!!

  3. Great idea to catch whatever you want to change and begin work ing on it!Just a small suggestion-- when setting goals, it is often good to put them in the positive:
    "I will cook at home 6 nights a week"
    "I will prepare my lunch at home and bring to lunch monday through friday"
    "I will eat at the table"


  4. The band is always a reminder within us to get back on track. Just think, if you didn't have the band, this may have ended in a much longer binge instead of just one night ;)