Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My version of the protein test

So I am currently trying out the 4 oz. protein test. As you'll recall I mentioned that this will tell me legitimately whether I need a fill. Based on yesterday, I'm thinking that I do.

So between 1 and 1.30pm, I had a Morning Star Farms soy riblet for lunch. It's actually 5 ounces (rather than 4). It does have some bbq sauce on it that is rather sweet so hopefully that doesn't mess up the test. Just before lunch I had a diet coke so I'm hoping that isn't a problem either (the caffeine), but here goes. Will post later on the results.

I'm quite content and pretty much full now. According to the test, if I'm not hungry by 5.30 then I don't need a fill.

Do you guys think the bbq sauce or pre-meal diet coke will affect my outcome?


  1. nah...I really don't. I think this should be a good indicator.

  2. When I have Diet Coke it tends to make me fuller if anything