Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Almost PB'd at work today

On of all things chips and a glass of milk. So yes, I was eating chips, and drinking at the same time!

Problem was I wasn't at all paying attention, I was eating in a hurry, and after just a couple of chips, I was like "What the!?!?"... and it started coming back up, and I was feeling some pressure, and I felt like I was going to gag, but then it just passed. Thank goodness.

I was in my cube, which is relatively private, but you never know. And i was just thinking up excuses in case someone came into my "office" and saw me bent over the trash can.


  1. this time of year, stomach bugs are rampid, I don't think anyone would have thought anything of it. I am glad that it passed for you.

  2. EEK! Nothing worse than being caught out in public having a PB.. glad it passed for you!!