Sunday, December 6, 2009

Time for a fill

So i called to get an appointment for a fill, and they said that they had nothing until the end of Dec. Oh no!

I cancelled last month's appointment so I haven't had a fill since mid Oct. So that'll be about two and a half months apart.

I'm just so caught up in the holidays (check out my other blog Dabble to see some of what I've been up to) that I've been indulging and baking.

So for a baby step, I'm going to at least make myself count calories and see where I go with that. It's always up and down with me in terms of motivation, but the good thing with the band is that you can't quit it!

In fact, a couple of times this weekend I've surprised myself getting super full and have felt glad to have the band! I just need to make wiser choices about the foods i do eat and I'm not really feeling that at the moment.

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  1. Heather - I'm scheduled for a fill on December 16th and if I feel like I do now likely won't need it. Can you get fills with Gaspar? Not guaranteeing anything, I may still need it, but if not, perhaps you can take it?