Tuesday, December 15, 2009

7.1ccs in a 10cc band

So as mentioned, I went for my third fill yesterday. I had heard a few people talk about Gaspar at NYU, and this was my first time meeting with him. I cannot recommend him highly enough. I told him I was nervous and that my other fills had been difficult, and he totally got it. He said this is what I do all day long, I know what I'm doing. He said he knew I was nervous about having someone "grind" the needle around trying to find the port, and it just clicked. When he used the word grind, I knew he knew exactly my discomfort before. That's exactly what happened the other times.

But not this time. He felt the port, inserted the needle and it was done. Easy and only a pinch. It's more of a pinch than giving blood because it's a bigger needle, and it gets sore afterwards. But he totally took the fear out of it! Yay Gaspar!

And I'm definitely feeling restriction even with my liquids. Felt it with my soup last night and my coffee this morning. It all goes down just fine, but it's nice to just know that this fill "took."

So I now have 7.1cc's in a 10cc (small) band.


  1. Good news on the restriction! I am glad that this fill went better :)

  2. Thanks for posting that! If only because I currently have 7 ccs and feel like a bit of a freak- no restriction, so frustrating. So it's good to know others need more in the way of fills, too.

    Glad your fill went well. I don't understand why some people aren't able to fill well, it's fairly straightforward most of the time.

  3. I love Gasper too!!! Good job on getting the restriction :-)

  4. Hi there - 7 ccs in my 10 cc band has been PERFECT for me! Total sweet spot. I hope it works for you too!

  5. Congratulations on a good fill! I've heard so many good things about Gaspar. I hope this gets you right where you want to be! :)