Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The decorating appeals to me, just not the cleaning up part

So I've been totally into Christmas this year. I think being a newly wed really helps. I just want to be utterly domestic.

We shlepped over to our storage unit and got all of our Christmas stuff (a lot of it) and then wheeled it all back to our apartment which is about 3/4 of a mile away. Had to put some serious effort into getting it to fit into the cart and two other rolling bags.

These are definitely the times I wish that I had a car instead of just a cart! A grandma cart, like this one above. Sure makes life difficult sometimes.

I've got the tree put up, got out the Christmas albums last night, have been baking up a storm (oh no) and am writing our Christmas cards. The only thing I haven't done is actually decorate the tree as that will involve rearranging the furniture and cleaning up a bit and that part of this process, I'm just not feeling.

Hence the reason I'm doing our Christmas cards!

Feeling a bit of a sore throat though, so I'm hoping that won't lead to anything bad. I'm trying to ignore it and just be festive instead. Usually if I wake up with one it might go away, but it just came on this evening, so that might not be good.

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