Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Layoffs at Work

So today was just a super crappy day for numerous reasons some of which I won't go into, but walking to work in the cold sideways rain this morning wasn't a good sign of how things would go.

Our division had some pretty sweeping layoffs at work. We have a new director and she came in and reorganized us all a few weeks back and today all the layoffs came. I think there will be more very significant changes in job duties in editorial in the next week or so. The job changes for marketing (where I work) came right before our wedding, so that I think is done. Who knows if they'll reorganize our sales force more in the future however.

The crappiest part is who was let go. Close friends, people I hang out with, several of the key people in our book club at work. All people that I'm friends with or who have been with the company for ages. Some senior level people as well as mid-level.

As Alex says, that just suxors.

Not much else I can say except that I will seriously miss having them all around!

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  1. What an awful time for layoffs.........that is really sad :-(

    I guess that is happening still all over the place in the US.......terrible times for some people right before xmas